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Our approach aims to make work optional for self-employed professionals.  

Map Your Income

We begin by mapping your annual income into five (5) primary expense categories: debt, taxes, savings, investments & insurance premiums. What remains is your Net [spendable] Income, the number it takes to maintain your current standard of living. Mapping your income is how we locate ourselves in your finances, and knowing your Net [spendable] Income is fundamental to making work optional.

Plan Your Taxes

Taxes can be particularly burdensome on the self-employed, and along with mortgage payments and other liabilities tend to consume an inordinate amount of household income. Fortunately, debt and taxes can also provide a catalyst for savings and investment. Our process is unique in that it emphasizes the integral role all liabilities play in personal finance, and is specifically designed to help self-employed professionals turn their Debt & Taxes into Savings & Investment.™ 

Make Work Optional

Our clients often discover they have more, not less, to spend on the things they most care about. They’re able to save, and invest more money than they ever thought possible. And they’re choosing when to retire, on their terms.

With a map of the territory and a sense for the possible, our clients are reinventing their financial reality. And with our innovative, interactive and iterative approach, you can too.

Ready to Reinvent Your Financial Reality?

Ready to Reinvent Your Financial Reality?




1. The time of transition from “working too much” to “making work optional.”