Our clients often find they have more, not less, to spend on things they care about – while saving and investing more money than they ever thought possible.

Too often people believe that in order to achieve financial security they need to be more frugal, cut back on the things they love, or simply go without. Many hesitate to hire a financial planner because they don’t even know what’s possible.

We’re here to change all that. Tightening your belt might be the conventional approach to saving and investing, but it’s not the only approach.


For the past 25 years we’ve helped clients turn Debt & Taxes into Savings & Investment™

Because in a world where Americans face a $7.7 trillion Retirement Income Deficit¹, owe more than $14 trillion in household debt2, and pay over $2 trillion in annual income taxes3debt and taxes can provide the catalyst for savings and investment.

Tightening your belt might be the conventional approach to saving and investing, but it’s not the only approach.

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By turning debt & taxes into savings & investment we eschew the traditional orientation towards personal financial planning – one that insists that in order to save more, you have to spend less.

Financial planning doesn’t have to be merely about tightening your belt.

A Different Approach

What makes us so different is the way we orient around the liabilities-side of the balance sheet – starting with our clients monthly cash flow. Debt and taxes tend to make up a disproportionate amount of household expense. And the ability to turn those debt & taxes into savings & investment means our clients are often able to have more, spend more, and save more money than they otherwise thought possible.

What We Do

We analyze your tax return, and (if applicable) paychecks stubs and W-2(s) to determine your total tax liability, your appropriate tax withholding, and your effective marginal tax rate.

We examine your current debt structure, including what we call “Zero-Interest Obligations,” like day care, orthodontics bills, and college costs paid out-of-pocket.

We help you turn Debt & Taxes into Savings & Investment by re-positioning your income, taxes and liabilites to favor building wealth and paying off debt – all while maintaining your current cash flow and monthly spending needs.

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We help California educators, self-employed professionals, and others like you turn Debt & Taxes into Savings & Investment.

¹ Center for Retirement Research at Boston College
² Federal Reserve Bank of New York
³ www.usgovernmentrevenue.com