Navigators of Uncertainty


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Life is uncertain. The future unknown. But it is not random.

We live in disruptive and challenging times. While the future has always been uncertain, the speed and complexity of today’s change is leaving many Americans behind – disoriented and struggling to cope. What worked in the past appears no longer adequate. Knowledge and information, once stable sources of economic power, are no longer enough.

Traditional financial planning relies almost exclusively on knowledge and information. While it presupposes unpredictable markets, it turns to probability calculations and predictive algorithms in an attempt to pre-determine how clients can best meet their financial life goals.

What’s needed is a radical reinterpretation of financial planning.

This orientation towards prediction is at the root of the problem we see with traditional financial planning. In our view of financial planning, skills matter. And because new skills make available new possibility, our primary aim is to help our clients cultivate the personal financial skills and sensibilities necessary not just to cope, but to thrive in a world of uncertainty.

If life were merely random, there’d be no point in cultivating new skills. And no reason to engage in financial planning. Our possibilities would be defined by our probabilities. On the other hand when nothing is certain, far more is possible. It is in this mood of uncertain adventure that we engage with our clients in Conversations for Possibility, for co-creating the future, and for reinventing their financial reality.