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Many Advisors Create Financial Plans. We Create Financial Possibility.

Americans face a $7.7 trillion Retirement Income Deficit, owe almost $13 trillion of household debt, and pay over $2 trillion in annual income taxes.¹

If only there were a way to Turn Debt & Taxes into Savings & Investment.™

Maybe there is…

Since 1990 we’ve been helping members of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System restructure the liabilities-side of their balance sheet in ways that afford the opportunity to save more, have more, and spend more than they otherwise thought possible. For many California educators, two kids, two cars, and a mortgage meant there was often more month left at the end of their money. By increasing their capacity to save and invest while maintaining their current standard of living, we opened the door to take less portfolio risk and/or choose from more socially responsible investments. Others have found that paying for things like college tuition, a debt-free retirement, and/or their parents’ health care, to now be within reach.

In 2001 we began offering our services to self-employed professionals. Truth is many of our teacher clients were married to small business owners, so in a way we were already serving the self-employed. Working for yourself has its perks. In theory there’s more autonomy when you’re calling the shots. But that autonomy often comes at a cost. Taxes can be particularly burdensome on the self-employed. And the new Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) re-shuffles the deck on many age-old strategies. Navigating the effects of the TCJA is something everyone will need to do. But for self-employed professionals, TCJA presents both a threat (60+% effective marginal income tax brackets) and an opportunity to have the federal government contribute a significant portion of retirement funding by way of federal tax savings.

Along the way many of our clients transitioned into retirement, and found themselves in entirely new territory. We were there, helping to navigate a world of 401(k) rollovers, of CalSTRS retirement options, of Social Security, Medicare, health care decisions and required IRA distributions. We’ve been there too for the unexpected – premature death, untimely divorce, a career ending disability. And we’ll be there in the future as well, helping our clients navigate the uncertainties of life, the unpredictable, the unknown unknowns.


¹ Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. Federal Reserve Bank of New York.